Whispered Secrets

Third Report
by Nache de la Mer Chemical

Why is it that, when I think I’ve got the whole situation in hand and everything can be solved with a nice orderly chat, somebody starts shooting at people? Is the whole galaxy like this, or is it just a problem that seems to follow me around? I don’t know…

Anyway, I left off at the investigation, so that’s where I’ll pick up. While I was out in the rain looking at bloody ugly corpses, Ravia did a damn fine job of interviewing the hab’s pseudo-security guy, with the assistance of Titus’ stinging insults, and we learned some facts about Grey’s assailants. They were big, there were two or more of them, and they had a penchant for ruddy grey robes and punching people’s heads off. He also saw one of them take a shotgun blast at short range, and assumed he was wearing armour and legged it, as instead of tottering over and dying like any decent type the robed gentleman kept moving around. Now… the robed room invader was riddled with shotgun slugs… and the unbleedy dead guy in the alley was riddled with shotgun shells… I can’t help but think there was a connection.

And the short story is, there was. Ravia once again turned up the charm, and the hab residents were extremely cooperative, due to either her courtesy and good manners or the string of teeth around her neck, I really have no idea. But we found some old guy who’d seen the perpetrators leave, and one of them stagger into the alley and keel over.
He also told us that Grey had been a “Rag King”, a local gang kingpin, and told us about another one by the name of Juvinal, with whom Grey had held a mixed relationship (sometimes slicey, sometimes gifty), who had sent Grey a mysterious package not long before he was pulped to death. So we decided to ditch our Arbite escort and go somewhere seedy.

We commandeered Constantine’s car, giving Titus a chance to show off his driving skills (something I never managed to pick up, though it might be worthwhile if you keep sending me places with rain… no offense Inquisitor, just saying…) which facilitated us showing off our skills of having no idea where anything is in Sinophia Magna. So we pulled over and asked an algae merchant for information. He was a little cagey at first, but opened up a little when he realised I would probably have put ten bullets in him if he didn’t. So off we went to Fishguts Wharf (I think that’s what it was called…) apparently a hideout of the Rag King.

It was around this point that Titus became quiet and withdrawn. More so than usual. Which was a problem, because as we were driving we didn’t notice that we were about to be blindsided by an industrial cargo hauler, and we got blindsided by an industrial cargo hauler.
For one, it ruined the car. For two, we were then jumped by six guys in capes trying to blast us with shotguns. However, it was at this point that Ravia showed off the best party trick I have ever seen.
She aimed her rifle, shot an oncoming mook in the face, blew his head right off, then knocked the guy behind him unconscious WITH THE SAME BULLET!!! You should have seen their faces… well, the face of the guy who was still standing up. Titus made a good show of capping anybody he clapped his sights on, and I remember one moment when he dropped one guy with a gut shot, only for Ravia to take his head off a second later. Now half the goons had tried to run for it, I’d used the psychological power of bullets see, which doesn’t really make much sense in hindsight as you can’t really outrun a hunting rifle round… and I think they figured that out, because they turned around once they got over the hill. Didn’t help ‘em much. Titus and Ravia got one, and I used my… special skills to jump through a hail of gunfire and drop the last one.

So… yeah, big day. We’re going to see what we can get out of the guy we didn’t kill. Get back to you soon.
Oh yeah, news. Ravia has fresh teeth, Titus hates his late parents, and they may have figured out that I’m a psyker.
Signing off,
Nache de la Mer Chemical

Second Report
by Nache de la Mer Chemical

Well, we’re not dead. I imagine that was implied by the fact that this thing is getting written, but you know. We’ve also not been arrested, which is also a very good thing. Although I can tell you it got a little close there.

So, as I said last time, we’d just blasted a bunch of aqua-bandits out of the water, but on climbing the bank to investigate (and commit a certain amount of dental larceny, I think) the local legal goons arrived and stopped us, saying that vigilantism was illegal, we weren’t allowed to shoot hydro-mooks, etc, etc, then shot the hydro-mooks! And what really rubs me the wrong way is I had no chance to take their stuff. Bullets don’t grow on trees, I think we had the right to a couple of stolen clips for all the ammo we expended cleaning up this canal…
Anyway, this enforcer guy comes up to us and asks us for ID, and of course we don’t have any which I imagine is a bit of a faux pa in this place. So after a bit of verbal toing and froing, I arranged for hm to radio our friend Constantine, and he came back looking like he’d seen a ghost. A ghost that had somehow coerced him into giving us a lift.

So, the records say that we are currently being detained and interrogated at the new Arbites base at Haarlock’s Folly (apparently their last one got blasted by some Logikins. Is that like a ramikin?). In the mean time we’ve been investigating.

We met Constantine when we arrived and, well…he certainly seems to like the rooting and purging side of his job. I know, Inquisitor, pluralism is a crime and there are no shades of grey in the battle for survival. But seriously, could you have got us a better contact? I’m worried this guy’s going to give himself a heart attack with all the rooting and purging…

So the good Arbitrator took us down to a recent crime scene (there was another murder by the way. Just thought you’d like to know). Bloke by the name of Bal Grey, found him with a large piece of his head where his heart should be, the place mildly ransacked, and a freakout worthy stash of Ghostfire Extract. So, things are heavy. And I haven’t got to the really worrying bit yet.

Of the blokes sent to do him in, he filled a particular one of them with enough shotgun rounds to bring down the Holy Obese Mum of Him on Terra. But the bastard had the wherewithal to wander out into an alley, and die quietly without bleeding on anything. Not even on his clothes, and its not like he was wearing armour, this guy caught it in the guts. Ravia had a dig around is neck, but I just couldn’t help thinking about crepes. We didn’t find anything, and the mangling this guy had copped didn’t match any of teh cults Titus knew about, but as you can imagine this is all slightly disconcerting.

We’re going to rifle through what the residents saw, I’ll get back to you when I have more to say.

Yours, with creepy non-flowy corpse blood all over his nice gloves,
Nache de la Mer Chemical

First Report
by Nache de la Mer Chemical

Not completely sure how to begin these things… not that it matters much, its probably going to be classified beyond all reach and put in a vault somewhere for the rats to read. Just figured it’d be worth writing down. And Inquisitor Lemarre, if your reading this, that wasn’t treason, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the bureacratic system… in fact I think it was you who told me that’s where most of these things go, so what am I apologising for?

Anyway, the report.
For the most part my journey aboard Tarsus’ Pride was fairly uneventful, and given the vague nature of the orders recieved I sort of found my self just whittling the time away until we dropped without warning out of the warp, redirected our course completely and I was dragged halfway across the ship by a servo-skull to meet our little gang.
They seem nice enough. Titus is a little quiet, but he can drive boats apparently… I’ll have to keep that in mind. Ravia’s a little more chatty, and I think she’s the less bookish of the two (judging from the hunting rifle). What’s the word… eccentric, I’d call them. That’s a polite way to say void born brand strange, right?
The Lieutenant delivered his message, including the rosette, and all those lovely toys our dear benefactor sent us. And we got the gist of our mission. Murder. Quite a lot of very bad, rather graphic murder possibly committed by something throwing super human strength around. And now we’ve been dropped down into Sinophia Magna, because if we don’t figure out who pulled the heads off these nobles then the whole planet could descend into anarchy. Which is bad, according to the briefing.
Anyway, after two weeks spent preparing for our mission by consuming grain liquor and playing mind-focusing card games, we made the drop, and I’m proud to say I didn’t even throw up a little bit. A new personal best! But we landed, and after a brief run in with the local bureacracy we boarded a motor skiff and were on our way to meet the Arbite who summoned us.

Things were going swimmingly, until we ran into some piratical types a little way down the canal.
They were originally looting someone elses boat, but when they saw us I guess they just couldnt resist. In the firefight that followed, Titus blew a guy’s kneecaps off, I caused a spectacular boatcrash by removing the drivers face with my autogun, and Ravia proved that she is much better at keeping out of the way of gunfire than I am. I got shot in the leg a little bit. But thanks to this sleek new bodyglove, it seems to be more a horrible painful bruise than an actual gaping bleeding hole. But as the saying goes, worst day in a gunfight is better than the best day buried alive in chemical sludge being eaten by mutant water rats.
Now I was going to work the surviving pirates over… for evidence obviously… and apparently Ravia wanted their teeth…but the local enforcers have arrived. I’ll record the details when I get the chance.
Signing off for a (hopefully) brief intermission,
Nache de la Mer Chemical_

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