Whispered Secrets

Fourth Report

by Nache de la Mer Chemical

Where did I leave off last time?
Oh yeah. We were standing knee deep in corpses. Luckily for us, those corpses had been fairly inept shots in life, and that’s why they were corpses and we weren’t. Luckily for us, in the interest of finding out why people had tried to kill us, one of them had caught Ravia’s bullet in part of his brain that he wasn’t using at the time, and thus was a potential source of information.
Ravia’s questioning style (the old “shake him by the collar until he talks” maneuvre this time) proved effective once again, doing like a “bad cop, worse cop” routine with Titus. While not engaged in this wholesome activity, Titus and I placed bets on the wounded fellows answers.

Turns out he and his late buddies were smalltime. Brul, as our new friend was called, had apparently done odd jobs for a few different Rag Barons, but not Juvinal, who apprently has something of an unsavoury reputation around here. Who’d have thought it? But, I think the situation is pretty bad, given even our poor, brain damaged Brul has noticed that Rag Barons are getting themselves “dissapeared”…

Now, I was all for keeping him, but for some reason the others thought that was a bad idea. We did take him with us though, and once we did manage to flag down a skiff at the site of our little bloodbath (maybe we should have hidden the bodies, but you know, hindsight is 20/20), we headed down to Fishguts Wharf. We found the place easily enough, though the fishy, gutty smell had attracted all manner of avian life, including some bionic ones who seemed to have gone feral. After some discussion of how to get past a locked gate (I was mildy worried that the first one who entered would have a decent portion of them sprayed back out again before you could say “watch that gunfire”)Ravia pulled out her groovy acrobatic skills and just jumped over the fence, opening the gate from the inside to Titus’ constant protestations that he was “too old for this”.

And do you know what we found?
Give a pint to the guy who said more corpses. If none of you good readers said more corpses, then your all losers (no offense intended, Inquisitor Lemarre).
Because as we did a quick search of the building, we found its occupants had been turned into corpses, one of which Brul tentatively identified as Juvinal. Now this guy’d been broken in about every angle that you can break somebody… apparently his lucky charms (were they evil after all Titus?) weren’t all that lucky. And just when I was convinced that I was right on the cusp of a fantastic revelation, we found ourselves held at gunpoint again.

His name was Georg, and he seemed nice enough. And… we’ve been invited to some sort of thing by the Rag Queen Hesul! I’m not sure what, exactly… but I imagine there will be refreshments. Then he left, taking his gun toting goons with him.

Constantine gave us a call… I accidentally address him as “Arbitrator” within earshot of Brul, but I think I managed to convince him that its just a term of endearment… I’ve never heard it used as one, but hell, its a big galaxy. Anyway, long story short, we’re headed back to Haarlock’s Folly for some more info and briefing and things. We left Brul on the pier with money for a skiff ride home… or at least I think we gave him money for a skiff ride home… or maybe I dreamed that bit…

Signing off,
Nache de la Mer Chemical


GM_Tim Quorg

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