Whispered Secrets

Information Regarding the Septem Acolytes

Sender – Junior Interrogator Andrecise Purvaél
Recipient – Inquisitor Kias Lemarre

Thought for the Day – Suffer Not The Unclean To Live.

As an addendum to my report on the Sinophia Magna surveillance, there are some details that may interest my Lord.

Despite my misgivings, I must agree that the Septem Acolytes do indeed appear to be worthy of monitoring for promotion, particularly in light of the loss of the Ternary and Quinary coteries. While I can’t say that their actions were particularly subtle (Magos Damien claims that “estimates of their confirmed body count will take more time to collate”), their concealment of their true allegiance to the Holy Ordos is commendable. It appears that, of the various factions and individuals contacted and interrogated, only the Arbites became aware of their true identities.

In the interest of adding their operational details to their profile, I have recorded the impressions that they have left on Sinophia Magna. This information is somewhat biased, as relatively few people that encountered them remain alive for questioning, but may still prove useful when determining their aptitude for later operations.

Ravia. This one may warrant some closer attention, to ascertain whether her apparent bloodlust poses as an asset or risks compromising the team. Given the state of Skarman’s corpse during the autopsy, I’m inclined to believe the former.
Her actions on Sinophia appear to have placed a new story in the repertoire of mothers frightening their young into obedience; tales of the “tooth snatcher demon” watching for naughty little children through her scoped rifle.
A servant of the new Judiciary’s, one Lydia Black, described her as “a bit touchy”.

Titus. The scholar appears to be something of an enigma; his aptitude for making allies and finding or shooting a way out of death traps belied by his age. During his short time here he seems to have wooed the nominal head of the Administratum, Eupheme Tassal, (an attraction she believes to have been unrequited), in addition to working up the clout to requisition muscle from Hesul, one of three criminal linchpins in the city.
As for his reputation in the city, many seem to regard him as having been an agent of some Imperial organisation. Smooth talking, unflappable and adept at securing aid from women in places of power. Despite the worrying closeness of this conception to his identity, as a symbol he is reinforcing the justness of Imperial Authority. Graffiti of an old suited man in silhouette, holding a pistol, are a regular sight.
A worthy servant of the Throne, if I am any judge.

This brings us to the mutant. I will not repeat my misgivings regarding this pet project of yours, so I will restrict myself to discussing his actions here.
He seems to be adept at manipulating people, particularly with drastically little time to spare. It seems that he avoided a number of major confrontations by lying through his teeth, which is at least a useful skill.
As for the repercussions of his actions, they are more fractured than the others. His regular change in makeup seems to have somewhat disguised his separate identities as the ‘nobleman’ and the monster. You had a hand in legitimising his claim to nobility, so I will not tire you with details of that persona. The other persona has a colourful list of descriptions, but I will focus on those instances when he exercised his… Abilities.
There are basically two stories to account for him. In the first, he is a highly trained assassin, skilled in the arts of deception and misdirection, who used smoke bombs, distractions and an acute understanding of the psychology of fear to appear to possess supernatural abilities. The second, less skeptical but more accurate version ascribes hellish powers to him, and claims that he was always some kind of spirit disguised as a limping old man.
A variation to the first is the belief that this terrifying vigilante was also the wealthy, eccentric nobleman, but is derided as a conspiracy theory.
One witness to an altercation in an alleyway described him as “dozens of ghosts”.

Ever your faithful servant.


GM_Tim GM_Tim

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