Whispered Secrets

Incident Report - Sinophia Magna

Inquisitor Kias Lemarre – Clearance level Magenta

Incident Report – Sinophia Magna

Thought for the day – Secrecy is our greatest weapon, more valuable than countless lives, but bodies ask questions.

Sinophia Magna has long served as a posting with which to limit the damage of rampant incompetents within the Adeptus. A preliminary report by Battlefleet Calixis pinned it as the focal point for major arteries of travel, but developments in the crusade left it bypassed by regulation fleet routes. This, in combination with its lack of any trading goods, has left the planet to slowly choke beneath its own uselessness.
An entire planet of imperial servants too inept to work elsewhere, but who have committed no crime to justify their execution. The remainder of the population made up of nobles who lack the funds to flee their irrelevant little planet, and the downtrodden masses that are squeezed for their last coin.
A veritable breeding ground for heresy and rebellion.

The reports regarding the earlier incident with the tech-heresy cult know as the <expunged> are attached, and may shed light on the events that led to this recent incursion.
The Adeptus Arbites relocated their base of operations after the mayhem of the <expunged> conspiracy, and chose to place themselves within a tower known as “Harlock’s Folly”; a building believed to have been built by the eponymous Rogue Trader. Contained within the upper reaches of this tower was a tainted artefact, a malefic being bound within a mirror of polished armourglas, a material used in starship construction.
My investigations conclude that this being reached out from its prison to find a chink in the spirit of Senior Adeptus Arbites Precinct Marshal Colchis Skarman, twisting the once loyal servant of the Throne towards the service of this being.

Acolytes of my service conducted preliminary investigations into the matter, concluding that the series of murders (See attached report by Arbiter Adjutant Fihad Constantine) were held together by a common link of mirror shards held by the victims. Their investigations led them into direct conflict with Marshal Skarman, which the corrupted Arbiter did not survive. (For additional information on their investigation, see separate Endorsement for Further Advancement of Inquisitorial Servants)

I have spent the past two months conducting extensive repairs to the infrastructure of Sinophia Magna, under its new Judiciary, Cal Sur’Maywroth (See Death of Ivandus Drivani and Reconstruction of Government), and I have managed to localise any rumours of the conspiracy unto the Arbites themselves. It is a breach of protocol to lower the authority of the Adeptus within the eyes of the populace, but the damage was too extensive to conceal. Against traditional regulations, I have been forced to liquidise the organisation.
Enforcer General Xiabus Khan has, under my guidance, begun working with Judiciary Maywroth to establish a new Imperial authority on the planet. The General surrendered his medal, which my acolytes reported to contain another fragment of the mirror, and has made considerable progress towards utterly crushing the criminal elements of the less civilised districts. The Judiciary’s zeal in this matter has been commendable, if marginally sadistic.

A few of the mirror shards remain lost, and no success has been made with attempts to ascertain the being’s current presence. The intact mirror is to be contained, and the planet kept under close surveillance.

More dramatic measures may become necessary.


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