Whispered Secrets

Fifth Report

by Nache de la Mer Chemical

The meeting with Constantine was highly productive. He gave each of us a nice dataslate summing up exactly what the situation is, including a rather more cynical interpretation of things from one of his colleagues. As things are, I’ve kept my copy… just in case anyone needs to glance at it… But yes, apparently the autopsy of our bullet riddled friend had been delayed by a particularly meticulous Biologis Adept… more on this later…
So declining Constantine’s kind offer of accommodation we snuck off to the Turning Hand, where I was finally able to tape up my rather sore thigh, drink imported recaf (!!!), and make a general run of local dives. Though I’ve found nobody to buy our delicious, connoisseur, definitely-not-nicked-from-a-dead-guy’s-flat Ghostfire stimm, I did collect some nice rumours from local barkeeps. They are summarised below.
“The Enforcers are trying to crack the Undertow: there have been two attempts in the last week by kill squads to eliminate two prominent Rag-Kings.”
“The Enforcer General has secretly taken Psykers into the Mandato; they are going to know what we are thinking!”
“Three people have died in the last week in horrible circumstances that defy imagination. Apparently the Adeptus Arbites are trying to cover it up.”

Hmm… juicy stuff. So, the lower classes believe that the Enforcers (in the direct employ of the nobility) are stirring up trouble. Might be worth following up.

Anyway, as we continued our little investigation, we visited the only nobleman who was willing to talk to us. So, we got to play Noble Tea Party! Which went reasonably well, this fellow seemed fairly intent on nerve gassing the Undertow and not nearly so intent on nerve gassing us, which I take to mean that the deception was swallowed hook, line and tranquilizer pellet.
He didn’t really have much “information” as such, he had a few theories. Well, one theory. Which, in this case, was
“The Lower Classes did it!”
Which doesn’t really bring us any closer to the culprits… but he did say that he’d give us an introduction to the deceased nobles’ households, which may be of some use.

We headed off, fully intending to make good on our other invitation, and attend the Rag Court. However, we soon realised that we were being followed by some fairly heavily armed… followers. Immediately taking evasive action, Titus turned into a dead end and we were cornered. However, using that old noodle for which he comes so highly recommended, he backed out over one of the motorcyclists. Not over him, really, just through him. We didn’t mean any harm by it, but we deduced soon after that they weren’t friendlies when one of them tried to shoot Ravia in the face.

Now, I can understand that there may have been a bit of a miscommunication, that maybe these people were just reacting violently because they’d misinterpreted the motivation behind our running their friend off the road. We tried to reason with them, we really did. But I figured I’d just save time and fill their car’s fuel tank with buckshot. Ravia left the lass who appeared to be leading the gang with a message made of hot lead in her ribs, then Titus got us the hell out of there with only me having been shot (again). One guy tried to follow us and shot out one of our tires, but he gave up fairly soon. Ravia was all for going back to take their teeth, but having just used the dashboard as an operating theatre truth be told I wasn’t all that keen. As we drove heroically into the cloud covered sunset, Titus regaled us with stories of his hard drinking, librarian shagging, book mobile racing youth. And now we’ll hopefully make it to see the Rag Court without getting shot at again.

Staying alive,
Nache de la Mer Chemical


GM_Tim Quorg

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