Welcome to our new game!

This is our new campaign homepage.

There is a lot of stuff I need to type, and we’re starting the game immediately before your characters briefing, so a lot of information will only become visible after that first session.

I had kind of wanted to use this spiel at the beginning of the game, but it serves it’s purpose better here. For one thing, it could be useful info for character backgrounds, and for another, it let’s us jump into the actual game quicker.

Your characters have each been recruited for their own reasons. In some way, each of you has drawn the eye of the enigmatic and shadowy figure known to you as Inquisitor Lemarre, and each of you caries some terrible burden of truth.
Each of you have been given orders to board the Tarsus’s Pride, a Vegabond Class merchant ship and await further instructions.
At this point, none of you have met one another.

Some of you may have performed earlier tasks, laying low as a sleeper agent, helping the passage of more valued acolytes, couriering vital, highly encrypted information to deep-undercover agents, or simply acting as carefully placed muscle, ensuring predicted results throughout countless minor incidents. Alternatively, for some of you, this may be your first task.

In any case, for all of you, the journey aboard the Pride represents your first true assignment. You have been judged fit for duty, and now, the time has come to see if you will perform well, and become clandestine protectors of humanity, or if you will fail, dying alone, unremembered, and unavenged.

Whispered Secrets

GM_Tim Quorg